LED Versa Tile



24V LED Light Panel

  • LED Light panel with 144 high efficiency LED's.
  • Interconnection of panels is made simple with polarity neutral connectors on all four sides and one input power connector.
  • Each tile comes with a 12" leader cable & side connector.
  • Up to four of the 12" x 12" panels can be joined to create a four square foot array. 
  • To be used with Power Supply - LLLVMODPOWER24V-GVE (sold separately)
  • Standard version available in neutral white, 4100K. Custom orders in other color temperatures are available upon request.
  • DS&L recommends that Versa Tiles be placed a minimum of 2" from the material that they will be backlighting. Distance may vary based on material being backlit.
Lumen Output:
Wattage: 18W
Color CCT:
Efficacy: 72 (lm/W)
Voltage: 24V DC
Size: 12" x 12"

LED Versa Tile Data Sheet

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