Exterior of building illuminated with colored light
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. is proud to be a Certified Value Added Partner for Signify Color Kinetics Products.
  • Certified Value Added Partners (CVAP): are partners that have been certified by Signify for their expertise in implementing Signify Color Kinetics solutions.
  • With the growing trend for connected lighting, today's professional lighting projects are becoming more and more complex. This has sparked an increasing demand for quality consulting and design services.
  • The Signify Partner Program, provides access to a global network of industry professionals, approved and certified by Signify.
  • CVAP partners all have in-depth knowledge of lighting, commissioning and installation.
  • CVAP partners can take care of complete lighting projects end-to-end. Using world-class Signify Color Kinetics products to design, install and integrate technologies into a seamless lighting solution that meets the exact requirements of a project. After the project is complete, you will also benefit from ongoing maintenance and after sales support.
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DS&L takes pride in being one of the first Color Kinetics dealers, now selling this high-quality product line for over 20 years. DS&L offers a unique, turn-key solution of products and services to assist you in bringing your designs to life! In addition to assisting customers with the selection of products that best meet their application needs, DS&L also provides complete lighting layout, application engineering services, onsite installation oversight services and product selection assistance. DS&L shares over 45 years of industry experience, commitment and knowledge to assist you in identifying the right illumination options for your experience and to select quality supply products that meet the rigors demanded by your project.

Signify Color Kinetics offers professional LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels. Color-changing, tunable white, solid white, and solid color LED lighting fixtures deliver high-quality, digitally controllable light in the full range of interior and exterior architectural and entertainment applications.