1' x 2' - Interior LED Flex Panel

Color Temperature: 2200K


1' x 2' LED Flex Panel

1' x 2', single color temperature LED Flex Panels provide a flexible way of illuminating large areas, such as ceilings, walls, and displays with uniform lighting at setback distances as low as 2" (depending on the luminous surface material chosen)

  • Continuous, uniform backlighting for straight or curved areas
  • Panels can be scaled to fit any space or cut on site to accommodate corners, angles, and obstacles such as standoffs, posts, sprinklers or support cables and rods. Optional panel cut-out kits and corner kits are available to assist with unique obstacles and geometries.
  • 1' x 2' LED Flex Panels do not require any heat sinks, so they can be mounted to any material.
  • LED driver can power a single panel or a large number of panels (depending on lumen output of panels). A dimmer can be added to circuit.
  • Constant voltage design means that layout changes required to meet on site conditions don't require re-sizing power sources.
  • Color Rendering (CRI): >90 (except 2200K, CRI 88)
  • Required accessories: LED Driver, Interior T-Cable, and Interior Starter Cable (sold separately)
  • Optional accessories: Cut-out Kit, Control Module, and Extension Cable
  • UL Listed

1' x 2' Interior LED Flex Panel Data Sheet

1' x 2' Interior LED Flex Panel Cut Quick Start Guide

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