eW Cove QLX Powercore - 12", Wide Beam

Color Temperature: 2700K


Dimmable, Linear LED Light - Wide Beam

  • Low-profile fixture delivers a high quality and quantity of white light at an affordable price
  • Affordable, energy efficient LED fixture designed to replace conventional cove lights for wall and ceiling glow effects, wall washing, and indirect lighting from a single cove
  • Multiple options for design flexibility - Available in four color temperatures, ranging from a warm 2700K, to a cool 4000K.
  • Lengths of 12 in (305 mm) and 6 in (152 mm), along with wide (110 degree x 110 degree) and medium (60 degree x 90 degree) beam angles. Also Available in a 48" length -- Special Order only (Call for details)
  • Smooth dimming capability
  • Ideal for alcoves, display cases, light boxes, and other tight spaces

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