ColorBurst Powercore gen3 IntelliHue

Color: Black
Style: Architectural


Exterior Architectural and Landscape Spotlight with Intelligent White and Color Light

Burst Powercore gen3, IntelliHue

Burst Powercore gen3, IntelliHue produces high-quality white, pastel and saturated color light. Designed for outdoor wall washing and spot lighting applications.
  • Delivers exceptional CRI and the ability to choose and CCT between 2000K and 10000K.
  • Expands customization with many accessory options available. In addition to the native 6° lens, six different spread lenses can customize the fixture to produce 10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and 10° x 40° (asymmetric) beam angles.
  • Housing colors available: black, gray, and white.
  • For additional creative aesthetic possibilities, add or combine a louver, full glare shield or half glare shield.
  • Integrates patented Powercore technology to directly accept line voltage, dramatically simplifying installation and lowering total system cost.
  • Universal power input range of 100 to 277 VAC.

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