T5 Fluorescent Slim Line Fixture



Fluorescent Slim Line T5 Light Fixture

  • Ultra slim, lightweight, linkable (up to 300 watts), ETL Listed fixtures
  • Built in electronic ballasts with 3 wire connectors and lens
  • Fixture bodies are made of aluminum and durable plastic end caps
  • Accessories are compatible with T-4 and T-5 fixtures
  • Fixtures include lamps (4100K standard), other lamps available upon request and mounting brackets - other accessories sold separately

Available in the following sizes:
  • FLGT509 6 watt 9.375" x .875" x 1.625"
  • FLGT512 8 watt 12.375" x .875" x 1.625"
  • FLGT522 14 watt 22.625" x .875" x 1.625"
  • FLGT534 21 watt 34.5" x .875" x 1.625"

T5 Fluorescent Slim Line Fixture Data Sheet

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