1' x 2' - Exterior LED Flex Panel



1' x 2' Exterior LED Flex Panel Lighting System

1' x 2', Exterior LED Flex Panel Exterior System is rated for wet location environments and is perfect for illuminating facades, canopies, entrance portals, and large-scale graphics

  • Field configurable to manage obstacles such as standoffs, posts, sprinklers or support cables and rods. Conforms to shapes and unusual dimensions where necessary.
  • Moisture resistant snap connectors maintain simplicity of tool-less connections.
  • LED driver can power a single panel or a large number of panels (depending on lumen output of panels). A dimmer can be added to circuit.
  • Constant lumen output and high color consistency ensure seamless illumination through exterior surface materials.
  • Color Rendering (CRI): >80
  • Required accessories: LED Driver
  • Optional accessories: Tile Exterior Fit Segment, Tile Exterior Fit Kit, Exterior Starter Cable, Extension Cables, Waterproof Cable Splice, Control Module, and Extension Cable.
  • UL Listed

1' x 2' Exterior LED Flex Panel Data Sheet

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