14/3 SPT-3 Specialty Flat Extension Cords with Mini Ends

Size: 15'


14/3 SPT-3 Specialty Flat Extension Cords with Mini Ends

  • Specialty flat extension cord made with mini male and female ends to fit through 29mm holes in extrusions used in the trade show industry.
  • Cord has been designed and priced to be used for daily general use or for the specialty application to fit through a 29mm hole.
  • Rather than female end accepting plugs from the end, this cord is designed for cords to be plugged into the top of the female end.
  • Male end will be blue and female end is clear with an LED indicator light inside. When power is on, LED lights up.
  • 14/3 SPT-3 flat black cable, (approved for trade show use).
  • Available in 15', 25', 50', 75' and 100' long cords.
  • Product designed and developed by DS&L.

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