Neon Mini Tape, Top Bend

Indoor / Outdoor Series

  • Neon LED Mini Tape is a cuttable, flexible LED Neon tube light that acts like LED Tape light.
    Neon LED Mini Tape
  • Bends in an up and down, convex formation.
  • Features 90+ CRI, a wide beam angle, and hot-spot-free illumination.
  • This super slim, like LED Tape, is provided with an adhesive backing that peels off to reveal short field cuttable segments. Simply place in the mounting channel and plug in for easy installation.
  • Standard Color Temperatures: 3000K, 4100K, 5300K and 6500K. (Custom Color Temperatures available - please call for detail).

NEON LED Mini Tape Key Feature chart

Neon LED Mini Tape Assured Quality Chart
LED Count 98 LEDs/ft (336 LEDs/m)
LED Roll Length 16 ft 3/8" (5m) or built to order
Tube Dimensions Tube cross-section: 0.12" (3mm) x 0.24" (6mm)
Front cap: 0.32" (8mm) x 0.98" (25mm)
Closing end cap: 0.32" (8mm) x 0.41" (10.5mm)
Bending Diameter 2.32" (60mm)
Cutting Length 0.82" (20.83mm)
Max load & Max Length 39.4 ft (12m) on one 96 W power supply (class 2 only)
Neon LED Mini Tape info table
    Neon Mini Tape color temperature chart

    Neon LED Mini Tape Data Sheet

    LED Neon Light - Video