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LED Rigid Light Panel
  • Ultra-thin LED Rigid Light Panels are designed to provide bright illumination across the entire surface without dark spots.
  • Unlike traditional style light panels, which have the light source mounted on the exterior of the light guide plate, DS&L's Rigid Panels combine LEDs and heat sink into an exclusive 3D V-cutting light guide plate which makes it possible to produce "Frameless", rectangular or special shaped LED Light Panels
  • Energy saving and maintenance free
  • High brightness (2,000 - 10,000 lux)
  • Patented heat sink technology to maximize LED lifespan (70,000 hours)
  • Perfect solution for even illumination for any project.
  • Custom sizes and shapes available.
  • Can be used in "frameless" designs
  • Creative solutions to any lighting, millwork, signage or display projects.
  • LED Rigid Panel Data Sheet
  • Custom order product. -- Call for complete details.