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LED Lattice Light LED Lattice Light installed
  • DS&L waited for a rugged design to handle the rigors that products are subjected to in the trade show and events industries - before introducing its LED Lattice lighting. 
  • LED Lattice is designed to backlight large format graphics and offers powerful, bright illumination.  
  • LED Lattice features a wide beam angle, energy-saving design and consistent, even light output.
  • Fully adjustable to meet your application's unique needs.
  • Available in 3 widths, mix and match the standard module sticks and combine them to your desired length for a custom fit that will provide full coverage without hotspots.
  • Comes available in a standard color temperature of 6500K (cool white). Also available in two optional color temperatures - 5300K (daylight) and 4100K (neutral white). 
  • Mounting method: screws, double-sided foam tape, or VELCRO® Brand Products.
  • UL listed. 
  • Custom order product -- Contact DS&L for complete details. 
  • LED Lattice Data Sheet
  • LED Lattice Video