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LED Flex Light Panel
  • LED Flex Panels provide higher efficacy, 90+ CRI, and smoother dimming reaching dimming levels as low as 1% or lower.  
  • Great for indoor backlighting projects where a lighting solution that is both thin and bendable may be needed to fit into soft, curving surfaces and spaces.
  • LED Flex Panel sheets may be flexed for curved or radius applications to best fit your environment.
  • Available in 4 color temperatures: 3000K (warm white), 4100K (neutral white), 5300K (daylight), and 6500K (cool white)
  • Modular design for projects of many sizes. LED Flex panels may be combined for grand format illumination or cut into pieces as small as 2" x 4" to meet the needs of your specific application.
  • Fully field cuttable and may be cut horizontally or vertically along the designated cutting lines and is fully adaptable for backlighting applications of many sizes and shapes. 
  • Environment: Indoor location safe only. For best performance, avoid mounting LED Flex Panel sheets in direct sunlight, near direct water contact, or by surfaces subject to puddling caused by rainfall or sprinkler sprays.
  • Customizable wattage available. Please contact DS&L for complete details.
  • May be mounted with 3M adhesives or with standard screws. All LED Flex Panel sheets feature 3M adhesive on the reverse side of the sheet and 9 holes per sheet for mounting with screws.
  • Heat sink is not required for installation. LED Flex Panel illuminates spaces with reduced thermal consumption and output, which makes it perfect for placement behind a diffuser in a compact space.
  • Each LED Flex Panel sheet is designed for tiling multiple full and partial sheets in a series and connecting them to one another. 
  • UL listed.
  • Custom order product -- Contact DS&L for complete details and additional information on Standard, Premium, RGBW and Tunable White LED Flex Panels.

LED Flex Panel - Standard Data Sheet

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