14.10" LED Modular Strip - V2



Linear LED Light Fixture

  • Designed to back light graphics as thin as 2" inches deep.
  • A safe, cost effective way to back light or internally light graphics, or uplight or downlight an area, with powerful LED lighting.
  • Size: 0.56" tall x 0.9" wide
  • 24V, plug and play design allows up to 6 long (14.10" long) or 10 short (8.74" long) fixtures (or a combination of up to 30 LED nodes) to be interconnected and run off of a single external class II power supply. When combining long and short strips, never exceed more than 30 nodes per power supply.
  • It is recommended that a hardwire power supply be used when installing modular strips into permanent installs. When installing modular strips in temporary installation applications; a plug in power supply is appropriate.
  • LLLVMODSTR8-V2: 745 Lumens
  • LLLVMODSTR14-V2: 1130 Lumens
  • 4" Pigtails on each end for daisy chaining multiple modules together.
  • Cool white color temperature (6000K-6500K)
  • 10° x 50° Beam angle
  • High quality, pure white LEDs with custom selected lensing and drivers allows light to spread evenly without hot spots on most materials.
  • Directly mount strips to aluminum frame or extrusion by screwing in place (through pre-drilled holes), or by using included mounting hardware. Do not attach with hook & loop products or double sided tape. Please use an insulated washer between screw and LED Modular Strip to avoid damaging circuit board.
  • For single or double sided graphic applications, line the internal perimeter of the structure and light up to an 8' x 8' graphic evenly and without hot spots.
  • Ideal for downlighting a work area or header or uplighting a smaller area as well.
  • 2', 3' and 8' extension cables available.
  • 1 Year warranty under normal operating use.
  • The entire lighting system is UL Listed

LED Modular Strip - V2 Data Sheet

LED Modular Strip - V2 Video

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