SkandaLights® 9230 Arm Light

Lamp: 50 watt
Clip/Clamp Style: no clip/clamp


Halogen Line Voltage Spot Arm Light

  • Durable injection molded fixture head
  • Round flared cone shaped design
  • On/off switch integrated into base of fixture
  • Classic design combined with outstanding range of motion to direct light where desired
  • Designed to use lamps that maximize light output for this type of fixture
  • Fixture head design aids in dissipation of heat
  • 10" 3 wire power cord (removable)
  • Removable cord - allows user to change cord and lamp and use in another country
  • 50-75watt PAR30 lamp included
  • Available in black
  • Mounts to virtually any application with over 50 clamp/clip styles available
  • ETL listed fixture
  • Okay for use at facilities in Las Vegas with lighting restrictions

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