Magnetic LED Light Module - Round, 3000K, 11W



Dimmable Round Magnetic LED Light Module

  • Light modules attach magnetically and can be located anywhere along the LUMIRAIL giving you complete control of your lighting patterns and effects. Light modules are inter-changeable and can be mixed and matched allowing for on-the-spot changes and final lighting adjustments.
  • Energy saving, cool to the touch and easy to install.
  • LED Light Modules have a sophisticated heat transfer pad on the back of the module that absorbs and transfers the heat to the aluminum extrusion.
  • Round Light modules are available in the following lumen outputs and color temperatures:
    • (3000K) - 800 lumens, 11W
  • Beam angle coverage - 36° narrow flood.
  • Voltage - 24V, Class 2, Constant Voltage - UL Listed.

LED LUMIRAIL Lighting System Data Sheet

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