LED Interactive Panel



  • Motion passing by the panels, activates sensors, and turns the LEDs on, which then turn off as the object passes by
  • 12‚Äù x 12‚Äù panels easily plug into one another
  • 2 male and 2 female connectors are on each panel - one located at the center of each side
  • Create your own ‚Äúgrid‚Äù configuration as long as the connectors fit together
  • Up to 12 panels can be powered off of a single power supply
  • If more panels are needed, simply begin another circuit and add another power supply
  • Panels can be mounted to substrates with 1/2‚Äù set off in horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Facing material can be clear or frosted or can work with many fabrics too
  • Ideal for table tops, top or front of display stands, back walls, floors and more

Product Advantages:
  • Easy way to allow passing motion to activate light
  • Built-in connectors allow for a wide variety of mounting configurations

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