FABRICore is a nominal 4’ x 4’ luminaire targeting general lighting spaces where typically troffers, linear pendants, and sometimes big glare-ball industrial luminaires are used. FABRICore delivers better aesthetics, Cooledge quality immersive illumination, amazing acoustic performance, and simplified installation at price levels that enables use in almost any space.
  • A removable fabric diffuser brings a unique design aesthetic to spaces normally illuminated with luminaires incorporating plastic lenses.
  • Bring the feeling of outdoors to interior spaces with these large standalone luminaires or group the core units together to create luminous ceiling clouds.
  • Uniform, high quality immersive illumination that is the trademark of products from Cooledge.
  • Acoustic performance not found in other contractor grade luminaires reduces noise and saves you money on other materials.
  • Removable power & control tray to simplify installation in cases where direct access to the luminaire is challenging.
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FABRICore Surface Mount FABRICore - Recessed FABRICore - Recessed Mounting Kit
FABRICore Surface Mount Light Fixture
FABRICore - Recessed Light
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FABRICore - Suspended FABRICore - Suspended Mnting Kit FABRICore - Grid (T-bar)
FABRICore - Suspended Light
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FABRICore - Grid (T-bar)
FABRICore - Grid (T-bar) Mounting Kit
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