Universal Connector Pack



Universal Connector Pack

Turn your MPC into a universal charging station

  • Use the Universal Connector Pack to turn your Mobile Power Center into a universal charging station, capable of charging cell phones, tablets, iPads and most other electronic devices that operate between 12 to 19 volts
  • Universal Connector Pack includes 11 of the most common connector tips
  • Select a compatible tip for your device, slide the voltage selector on the Mobile Power Center to your device's required voltage and you are ready to charge.     Click here for complete instructions
A: 6.0mm O.D. x 4.25mm I.D. (1.4mm pin) - Sony VAIO
C: 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm I.D. x 11.0mm - Toshiba / Acer / IBM
D: 4.73mm O.D. x 1.7mm I.D. x 11.0mm - Asus / HP / NEC / Compaq
E: 5.5mm O.D. x 1.7mm I.D. x 11.0mm - Acer / Toshiba
E2: 3.0mm O.D. x 1.1mm I.D. x 10.0mm - Samsung / Acer / Asus / Huawei
G: 4.0mm O.D. x 1.7mm I.D. x 11.0mm - Acer / Benq
H: 5.0mm O.D. x 3.25mm I.D. (1.0mm pin) - Samsung
J: 7.4mm O.D. x 5.0mm I.D. (0.6mm pin) - Dell / HP / Compaq
K: 7.9mm O.D. x 5.4mm I.D. (0.9mm pin) - IBM Thinkpad / Sony
M: 11.0mm x 4.6mm rectangular connector - Lenovo / IBM

The Output Cable connector tip may also be used when none
of the interchangeable tips above are attached to it, giving you a total of 11 tip
options. The Output Cable's tip size and related brands are listed below:
5.5mm O.D. x 2.5mm I.D. x 11.0mm - Lenovo / Acer / Asus

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