C-Splash 2 is an ultra-thin, submersible fixture designed to provide vibrant color and color-changing light in fresh and saltwater locations to a depth of 15 feet. Fixture has a watertight cast brass housing and silicon bronze adjusting hardware and is perfect for water-based applications such as fountains and theme park installations, as well as for applications situated in harsh environments.
  • C-Splash is a IP68-rated fixture and is also able to withstand water treated with bromine or chlorine.
  • The frosted tempered glass lens offers a soft-edge beam of light at 22°, while the clear glass lens offers extended light projection at 10°.
  • 60 foot unified power and data cable minimizes wiring. C-Splash 2 is intended for use with PDS-150e and PDS-60 24V power / data supplies.
  • Works seamlessly with Philips controllers, including iPlayer 3 and Light System Manager, as well as third-party DMX controllers.
  • Locking base and pivot allows vertical and horizontal rotation through a full 360°.
  • Offers the full range of 16.7 million RGB colors and an output of over 500 lumens. Long-life LEDs significantly reduce or eliminate required maintenance, a major advantage for underwater installations.

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